Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thrive in Five Update Day 20

I am so excited for today!  I need to leave early to pick up one of my beautiful grandgirls to spend the night!  I will be active today with my toddler girl :-)

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 20*****

Today I woke with a headache but am having different kinds of feelings.... the walk this morning helped clear my head - I imagined cleansing oxygen racing to my cells... it felt good!  The headache tooks its time leaving - but the nausea subsided enough that I could THINK about eating a good breakast!

Didn't have much time to post here - but, while I still have my headache... I feel like I have been given a gift!  On the way home from picking up my granddaughter, I stopped at Sheetz - and picked up some doughnut holes for my son to share with her on our drive home.  I wanted them.... automatically... but my inner voice said.... you are already OFF kilter today... you need to be nourished... and I had a KIND bar in my bag.  (I always carry those because there are NO chemicals in them - just FOOD)  Anyway - I ate that on the way home.... slowly.... and knew that good protein and fruit was entering my body - NOT processed sugar!

And just now I went to the extra fridge in the garage to get bread (there are ice cream bites in there)  Usually I snag one or two as I pass... automatically.... and I opened the freezer to do that... and my response to it was... NO, you don't really want it.  You need CLEAN food today.    WOW!!  What a gift!

Three weeks in, Hannah... weight not doing anything PROBABLY because I am putting in minimal physical effort so far.....  BUT the results are coming!  EVERY sugary item that I do NOT snag..... is JUNK that is not compounding the problem in my system.  I will continue to step out in faith!


I did have a  MAJOR epiphany last night - I am AFRAID!  I am afraid to invest myself too fully into a program where I will fail AGAIN.  Not that I can't lose the weight - I know I can!  I just don't want to go through the pain again.  The pain of losing... the pain of re-gaining because I am not committed to the solution.

(The epiphany is truly a blessing..... because I AM AFRAID replaces... 'I am lazy", 'I'm not able', 'I'm not good enough', etc.   I AM AFRAID is something that will change with faith!  The others are defeatist and kind of, well, terminal)

But the TRUTH is that I AM committed to being healthy.  I AM committed to having energy.

And I KNOW that this slow, sensible, prayerful approach will yield fruit.   God's fruit.... in God's time... as I carefully make good choices...  one by one!

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