Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pantry Clean-OUT :-) & Thrive in Five Day 3

Still rooting through the pantry & freezer and saving a few grocery coins this month..... what treasures are you finding?

Pantry Menus Week 2:
   *rolls in fridge left from larger family gathering - add ham = ham biscuits & cut veggies - super fodder for movie night!

   *Marinated chicken & stir fry veggies in the freezer plus brown rice

   * frozen sour cream & cottage cheese - thawed & combined with whole wheat pasta, shredded cheese, marinara & a can of rinsed kidney beans = mexi-talian kind of casserole.. added a salad and was all set! (Leftovers from this can be frozen for another day :-)

   *Ground beef from freezer (also frozen hamburgers) for a hamburger night.. didn't use them last week.... but cooked all of it up so the boys would have plenty for grazing!  I added oven fries to it.... I found white potatoes as a BOGO yesterday so that was a good addition :-)  Half price is always a BONUS and oven fries are just too easy!

******Thrive in Five****** Day 3

  Well... found the measuring tape... but life interrupted this morning.  I overslept (unusual) and my hubby joined me in my dog walk (a new development!)  I didn't want to take the time from US to take the measurements first thing.  I will do it tomorrow.  Family first!

Shorter walk this morning... it is BITTER cold.  So I got HALF of my walk in and a pledge to get another half mile in somewhere as the day goes on.

This is the day in the program where you figure out - for sure - that this is a Christian-based program and scripture is mentioned A LOT!  I AM a pretty spiritual Christian but I usually avoid scripture-based programs because I find that OFTEN (not always) programs that use scripture references feel exclusive and judgmental.  So, in general, I stay away.

BUT - and it's a BIG BUT - I am always willing to TRY.  Hannah shares universal positive principles, in my opinion... and promotes a positive mindset to live a life I am supposed to live.  The grand life I am designed to live.   While I would not choose to get involved with a program BECAUSE of Scripture verses.... I would not throw a good thing away because of it either.  If you are uncomfortable with prayers and scripture, Thrive in Five may not work for you.  If you are searching for more scripture and common sense together - well.... I guess I'll see you tomorrow :-)

The real work here is NOT telling you how to lose weight.  Those programs are everywhere - there is no magic to it.

The work here is MUCH more important.....HOW to live a healthy life.  If you want real, lasting change... NOT the 'lose 10, gain 20' cycle we seem to be trapped in...  this is DEFINITELY a program worth checking out :-)

It is critical to learn how to KEEP the weight OFF even before you LOSE it... or you will be right back on that roller coaster again.

Not to mention that Hannah spells it out up front right now and offers you your money back.... no worries!

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