Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bread Adventures - Getting Used to It - Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

Half of the fun I am having with Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day is using what I am learning to follow through on my own ideas....  I have been doing this long enough now to get a little comfortable!

I used the cheese dough to make cheese rolls...

I used the Broa (yeasted cornbread) dough to wrap hot dogs in for pigs in a blanket...

Not very pretty but they tasted great :-)

For Thanksgiving this year, I was able to offer potato bread and yeasted cornbread with cranberries (instead of Pillsbury crescent rolls :-)

I made both rye bread & onion rye bread for a potluck dinner...

Calzones are requested at my house most weeks .... my family is almost getting used to having fresh bread... how cool is that?

Somehow for me, this isn't just about making bread... it's about doing something audacious!  I've never felt comfortable in the kitchen.... coming up with meals is a real chore for me... so I've never felt able to cook.  Creating beautiful breads is liberating... and it's helping me grow and see myself in a new light.


I was SO tired when I came home yesterday evening ... knew I had to fix dinner (lucky I already had a few planned out of the pantry).. and was going to skip my 15 minutes of deep clean in the kitchen.. but.....go ME!!  I did not skip it.  I didn't have the mental fortitude to pull things out of cabinets (and get them back!) so I spent my 15 minutes with a spray bottle wiping down the outside of all the lower cabinets & the fridge...  Also pulled out one of the little baskets in the cabinet I cleaned out the other day and washed that ( 3 more to go for those).  THREE more days in the kitchen and I can move on....   (the good thing for me - I am such a scattered being that I have also gotten several things done in other areas but am MAKING myself come back for the specified 15 FOCUS AREA minutes.    Later I will share what I have done in the other January areas.. when I get there!

Also did well at the grocery store.... only bought what would supplement items I have already planned with the exception of canned pumpkin and black-eyed peas.  They were on a deep clearance and are a good addition to the pantry (to the BACK OF THE PANTRY)...

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