Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Goals 3/52 and Thrive in Five Day 8

1. Left from Last Week (do first!)
                Dogs to vet for shots
                Car inspections & work (2)
                Boys' transcript work
                Monthly - frontline & air filters


2. House focus - Breakfast room 15 minutes daily

3.  New healthy habit: eat a salad every day (2+ cups green veggies & 1/2c beans)

4.  Lunch with a friend (postponed from last week)

5. Set up Total Gym & decide daily exercise

6.  WATCH new exercise dvd & do ONCE

7.  Bring last year's amaryllis bulbs back inside to re-pot for bloom

8.  Movie Night

9.  Church birthday card ministry

10.  Assess progress toward monthly goals

Scan photos – 30 min / week
Paperwork – min 15 min daily
Craft – work from craft project box
Blog – Bake next bread, make dishcloths & this year's projects, Reflection piece

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 8*****

Took the measurements again today... I know it's only been a few days but I want to get on a better schedule and it's been a week since I've been seriously trying to implements better ways of THINKing... and I am 4 pounds down!  Yay :-)  I know that it is mostly water because that fast initial weight loss usually is.. but I'll take it :-)  And I'll rejoice because more importantly... I have more energy today than I had last week!

Today is Day 8... and finally, we get to FOOD.  Go figure... a WEEK into the program and we get to FOOD.... I told you already - this is not your typical weight loss program :-)

And then....... no difficult specifics or hoops to jump through.  WHAT????  Who is going to tell me the magic formula?  Just kidding - if you know me at all, you know I don't believe in the magic formula for health and weight loss (even if I DO drool over new marketing gimmicks and purchase dvds :-)

Yet there IS a magic formula... eat FOOD.. not NON-FOOD.  Those are MY words, not Hannah's :-)  But she is reinforcing my thought processes.  This lesson talks about natural food.... whole grains, vegetables, clean, chemical free unprocessed food... God's food.

God did not create twinkies..... this is where man's interference messed things up.   I have done a lot of work in the last year switching over to whole grain pastas and breads.... and have learned much about how misleading nutritional labels can be while still remaining within legal requirements.

But I need to face the fact that although I am using better ingredients overall... the holiday season brought a TON of processed sugar and flour into my home and I definitely got my fair share and then some!  THAT is where my brain and emotions and ego come into the picture and is exactly why Thrive in Five is working for me.

I KNOW what to do.... so do you!   But it's not easy and if you are like me, you are doing it on your own :-)  Your family doesn't want to hear about it, your spouse doesn't want to hear about it... they don't want change.  So, you have to go slowly.... and I cannot tell you how good it feels to have a coach that you can listen to any time you want so that you have that emotional back-up while you build good habits :-)

It is refreshing to hear good common sense... no, I am not going to throw out all the food in my pantry.... I can't waste that much... no, I am not going to make my family unhappy by serving them all new health food because I am in a weight loss mood ..... but YES, I CAN replace that box of white pasta with a better grain choice....   YES, I CAN add beans to that recipe.... YES, I CAN offer a salad with dinner....  there are so many LITTLE things I CAN do that will add up to a better ME :-)

I feel empowered - NOT overwhelmed!


  1. Right you are about the family not wanting to hear about healthy food! LOL...still changes have been made here as well and it IS working!

    Subbing ground turkey in taco and chili recipes, cutting back potion sizes while still making them look big for the men... pound one boneless sinless chicken breast and it will fill a plate. The men's respond..." You expect me to eat all that? Put a single untampered piece on their plate and they ask, Is that all? ;)

    Process foods are decreasing, salds are a daily part of the plan once again and even the men are eating healthier without knowing it!

    Have things going here to jumpstart the week. Have a blessed day! ♥

  2. Like that 'sinless' checking breast, Deb :-) Seriously though - the 'pounding' idea is brilliant!