Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Goals 1/52

Goals for the Week

1.  Lists!
      Make lists of: appointments I need to make (doctor, car inspection, vet, accountant, etc)
                          craft projects that are unfinished & new craft projects
                          furniture that needs to be restored
                          maintenance list for January focus areas (and other if I get on a roll)

2.  Relationships:
                  Date night Friday night (merged with taking Kevin to ballroom AND using a gift card... WIN-WIN)
                  Schedule 1 lunch date with friend
                   Prepare next week's Birthday cards

3. Writing:
         Prepare next quarter Children's Liturgy and figure out how to post it
         Crochet at least 4 dishcloths from challenge
         Bake Montreal Bagels, Pissaladiere, Focaccia with Onion & Rosemary Olive Fougasse, Fougasse Stuffed with Red Pepper (these are the next breads in Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day - I HOPE there are pictures and I can find people to eat them :-)

4.  Kitchen focus - at least 15 minutes daily deep cleaning.. preparing for eventual reno

5.  Financial /Desk:
           Scan photos 30 minutes / week
           Financial review/ bills
           Prepare tax folder
           First appointment with tax accountant (Thursday)
           Work on boys' transcripts

6.  Health/wellness:
           Continue with beta test of Thrive in Five program
           5 days:  strength exercises
                       one mile walk outside
                       6-7 servings fruits / veggies
                       increase water intake
                       SPA night :-)

7.  Start books & watch movie:
            Kevin's novel #1 The Last Prophecy (we are still looking for an agent if anyone out there knows one)
            Coach Yourself Thin
            Book from Modern Library List (I ordered 2 from the library and will choose)
            Movie from AFI list (again, I ordered 2 and will watch one)

8.  Hobbies/ministry:
            Prepare craft box & work from it
            Church birthday cards
            Quilt strip

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