Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrive in Five Update Day 17

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 17*****

Wow!  Yesterday was so hard that I was pleased to wake in a good humor!  It was a good day... didn't get my mile in because of my dog following (battery in the electric collar was dead).... and I forgot to eat breakfast before I left home!  Not so bad really because, you see, I had packed my lunch.. so I ate my sandwich.  I still had veggies & hummus... and an apple with peanut butter... good stuff that got me through my errand day.

I even managed NOT to eat chips when my son tore into a bag on the way home (personal size, I might add, but I just didn't want to a) eat to satisfy my tongue or b) eat to 'get my fair share').  HUGE revelation and accomplishment I might add here :-)

The day went well...  until about 3:30 and all of a sudden, it felt like the happiness sucked right out of me!

I was driving home and I was fine - but quiet. Anyway, we get home and put groceries away... and I fix a cup of green tea because I am feeling a little down.... and practice taking deep breaths.   My shoulders had really been hurting.

Still feeling a little out of sorts and I remembered I hadn't walked my mile today.  It was too cold and windy for me to put forth the effort to go outside.... so I decided to get on the treadmonster for 20 minutes.  I had that much time before I cooked dinner.   I have to tell you - it was a TOUGH 20 minutes... but I told myself ONE mile - that's it!

I remembered yesterday's action step to BREATHE...... deep cleansing breaths.... so I stopped at the half mile mark..... and breathed.. and I was better....  and then I remembered.... I usually am just about binging at this time..... and I DIDN'T THINK about it until now..... HUGE victory!

Still it was hard to finish - and then I had to focus HARD to go pull dinner together (thank goodness I had already made my menu decision!)  I was a lot better after dinner.

I treated myself to a bubble bath.... and that helped tremendously!  And then I went to bed to read.  And, instead of EATING when the munch monster hit.... I went to sleep.  Easily, readily, naturally......

I think that some of the processed stuff is leaving my body.... I can almost visualize the JUNK filtering out of my body... through my breaths, through my pores....  and as the POISON leaves, the energy will return.  But it is logical that I will feel a bit unstable.... OFF... as my body changes and as I change my habits.

It will be a new reborn ME that emerges and that is an exciting idea!  MUCH closer to what God intended for me :-)

Thank you, Hannah, for the support and prayer.  Your coaching is helping me discover the path that lies within me already!  

And, having Thrive in Five on sale until the end of January is AWESOME!  For the price of a couple of exercise dvds, you can have a resource to use over and over to help you become the best YOU!

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