Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crochet Post Dishcloths #327 -330 and # 331 - 334 and more!

I really love finishing up projects!  The afghan below is a free sampler pattern from Red Heart Yarns that was published on Maggie Weldon's site www..bestfreecrochet.com  

LOVED making it but then I am a sucker for sampler patterns :-)   I just wish it were bigger.  It's a great size for a THROW but I personally like a bigger afghan.

Anyway - I loved using colors from my stash and think it turned out pretty!  I just may make another one in a completely different palette just for fun... [SOMEDAY]

and a hat!  Another from Maggie Weldon's www.bestfreecrochet.com   Just the right size for a little one!   (and NOW I can give it to my grandson!)

I have actually been doing a lot of crocheting lately - and have loved finishing up projects and using up my stash as I go...  At this writing, I still have ONE more dishcloth I am stuck on.... but have been spending time crocheting cowls and hats for winter gifts!   More next week!

Dishcloths for this week are below:

#327 Whirligig Dishcloth  Pictured below on the upper left - This pretty cloth is done in Christmas colors.... quick to work up with easy stitches and clear instruction, this is a great beginner piece.  I enjoyed making it and could see making them in different color combinations for different holidays!

#328  Camo Print Dishcloth - pictured on the lower right.  Not quite camo - but a variegated similar colors, this is a pretty circular cloth.  I would be tempted to try it in a more floral color.  The pattern is lacy and would look striking in a solid.

#329  Simple Cro-Hook Dishcloth  Pictured above on the lower left.  I had fun doing this one but it took me WAY too long :-)  New technique with the hook on both ends... fun to LEARN!  Obviously I got messed up somewhere along the way because the pattern switched up in the middle.... still works fine as a dishcloth and not worth tearing out and starting over.  I did discover that this is probably not a hook / technique that will work well for me!

#330 Mini Pineapples Dishcloth If you look closely at the yellow variegated cloth, you can see little pineapples in the pattern.  I do enjoy trying new patterns and would definitely encourage new crocheters to test out these pattens! This particular pattern would make super afghan squares!

The next 4 dishcloths are pictured below:

# 331 Sock Dishcloth.. I bet you can pick this one out of the photo below! Easy to make and cute to look at.. but I have to ask WHY?  Yes, it is  dishcloth or washcloth... a strange shape but functional.... but seriously I don't know who I would give it to!  I did learn how to make a flat sock shape, though, in case I ever need to :-)

#332  Flower Scrubbie Dishcloth  pictured below on the lower right.  I have found making this type interesting.  This particular one was done by actually crocheting onto the scrubbie....  a serious PAIN.  Once that part was done, the pattern was pretty simple.  I like the concept of cloth and scrubbie but will have to test-drive it to see how it goes..... (certainly I won't have the ease of tossing it in the dryer after I wash it!)

#333 Tea Pot Dishcloth  Above on the upper left.... actually, I think it is a creamer!
    paired with
#334 Sugar Bowl Dishcloth
   These two are whimsical and fun and made me smile.  I enjoyed making these and think they would be super for tea or coffee drinkers.  I know I would smile when I used them to clean my kitchen!

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