Friday, November 9, 2012

21 Days - Break Day 1 :-)

Heading out for the weekend - I will pick back up with Day 8 on Monday!

I am inordinately stressed about this BLIP in my carefully orchestrated program - which is probably EXACTLY why this is good for me!  One thing I always need to remember is that I am living a life and trying to improve it NOT following a program!  Any good program - like the one outlined by Crystal Paine in 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life - HAS TO be flexible enough to fit into MY life!

Will I lose momentum if I spend these days NOT working on the habits and projects I chose last week?  Will I be able to get back on the program?

The bigger question is why should I worry about this?

IF, in fact, these are habits I want to encourage or develop, then - well, OF COURSE I can jump right back in where I left off!

Here's what I did to get ready and here is my plan for my return:

1.  I went through my crochet projects and picked one to FINISH (my LAST dishcloth to crochet from my previous blogs), one ongoing (afghan gift for my son's black belt achievement), and one I am having fun with 'using up' (neck cowls)

2.  The quilt's final long strip is pinned and ready to hem.  After that is marking and quilting (next week's achievement) and then I can work on the border and binding.

3.  I have a recovery exercise routine planned for when I get back home after my half marathon on Sunday.  (I have not exercised enough  for this event but am walking and will do what I can)

4.  Oh yeah..... in the car and during solo time... I will create those LISTS I haven't completed yet!  I am not taking my laptop but I AM taking my notebook so I can review readings and make notes.

So... there you are - I am prepared and ready to let go!

Actually - this is a great thing for YOU!  You have time to start your own projects and catch up with me!

ps.... I KNOW you are laughing now.... my husband had to stop the car and let me run back in to POST this blog.....  because, while I had written it... I had not actually posted it.....

have a good weekend!

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