Thursday, November 22, 2012

21 Days... Day 17 Don't Compare Yourself to Others

using the book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

following the challenge set by Crystal at

I mentioned yesterday that I have been a little disgruntled with my quilt lately.  I figured out in the last few days that I don't like the way I quilted the long strips.  Someone else would have done it differently - heck, I would have done it differently if I had done it when I was supposed to and was comfortable going back to the teacher and asking the question.

AND I am not happy with the stitches.  They should be neater.

But the reality is that it is MY quilt.  My FIRST hand-quilted quilt.

It should not be compared with projects by experienced quilters.  It should  not be compared with my NEXT quilt.  It is beautiful the way it is.

The message in today's reading is 'Don't Compare Yourself to Others'.

How appropriate when I am at a point of thinking that what I do is not good enough!

Why would it not be good enough?  This is My LIFE to live - no one else's.  My mega-project will be different from yours....  and your needs, goals and desires are different from mine.  Not better or more important.... not worse or less important... DIFFERENT!  And we need to wind our lives around our own paths and appreciate our own progress!

It's time to look at the lists of goals and projects we have been working on and make sure that we are truly working on our OWN PATH and not trying to become someone we are not.


Do Step 17 on your mega-project!


Update on my progress:

   Yay!!  I did get the hand quilting done and am giving myself a pass for the day!  It did occur to me though - that my daughter might want to take a look at my sewing machine while she is here today.. simply because sometimes she likes to mess with things.  I will ask.  If that problem is resolved... then I am one step closer though I really don't think I will finish in the 21 Days allotted, even with my flexible definition :-)

But I am kind of tickled that I haven't thrown in the towel on this project yet.  The reason it has sat so long unfinished is because I have packed it away when the going got a little tough and I didn't prioritize finishing it... and THIS time, it will be a priority until I DO finish it!

I haven't mentioned it but I am still managing the 15 minutes daily on the exercise bike and am just about ready to commit to 50 crunches 3X per week.  ALMOST!

How about you?  Do you have a mega-project going?  How is the process working for you?

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