Wednesday, November 14, 2012

21 Days... Day 9.. Create Success!

Break the goal down into mini-goals!

Sounds like it is watering down your achievement when, in reality, doing this allows you to create and achieve even more.  By creating 'do-able' min-goals... you create an environment that will allow you to BELIEVE in yourself and your goal.

Difficult goals are fantastic - but you need to be careful not to sabotage your success!  If you don't have mid-range, achievable benchmarks, you set yourself up for failure.  It is important to ensure your own success - and you do that by your own definition of success.

When you can't see (and celebrate) each individual step towards your goal, you allow yourself the possibility of failure.  You create a sense of doubt and disbelief.  If you really plan to reach that goal, doubt and disbelief are not something you can afford to indulge in.

For instance, if you need to lose 100 pounds.... that sounds impossible! (Which often drives you right back to the ice cream!).  If you don't set (and allow yourself to REACH) mini-goals, you will continue to focus on the pounds you have not yet lost!  (like you successfully take off 5 of those pounds, you can't feel good about it because you are focused on the 95 still to go)

Set up manageable mini-goals.....  like 'lose 5 pounds'.

Maybe pounds isn't it....  Maybe YOU need to simply focus on 'work out today' or ' don't eat candy today'.

Everything that you do that moves you toward your goal counts!  Find out which mini-goals feel do-able and worthwhile.

And don't be afraid to change or re-define your goals!  If you are not making progress, change it up... be your own coach and create a way for you to succeed!

Your assignment for today is:

Step #9 of your mega-project!

My personal progress.....

Not so much!  Today I realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT Thursday.... and, of course, Christmas is right around the corner..... AND the end of the year after that.  YIKES!!

So..... preparation for the family dinner next week.... what on earth am I giving for gifts this year?.... am I doing cards?....  how did I do on annual goals?  Where am I and what can I reasonable complete?

... and this in the midst of an upcoming wedding, teenage angst, a potential flea issue with the pets.. and, oh yeah, our regular schedule...

Quilt?  what quilt??

Nope!  Halt right here and stop freaking out!

So what did I DO?

I bought the frozen turkey and fresh cranberries, bathed the 3 dogs and dosed 2 of the 3 cats (will grab the other one tonight!), washed the rugs and towels that belong to them (and will spray the couches when I go to bed), I paid bills and am starting to think about the foods I need to prepare in advance for next week.


As for the quilt, the next thing to do is use the chalk pencil to mark the quilting pattern.  I am afraid that I don't have the lighting to do that so will probably continue to work on the winter cowls I am crocheting for gifts...  BUT I WILL lay out the quilt and see if I am able to do it tonight...

more tomorrow!

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