Friday, November 16, 2012

21 Days.... Day 11.... How to..

... find an accountability partner...

Yesterday we talked about how hard it is to find someone to be accountable with.  This is something I so struggle with!

Who can you find that is good with the TOUGH LOVE part of support?

I will need to think about this reading a lot.

My family are softies!  They love me and will support anything I want to do.... but not one would be the taskmaster / reminder / NAG I probably need.  In honesty, though - that is not what I need.  I do not respond well to people telling me what to do - and my family knows it!  That plus there is always a tendency to rely on someone else's reminders.  Some days you need a gentle nudge.... but I am wary of creating a scenario where it becomes someone else's responsibility to remind ME of my goal.

So then what??

Friends who are successful at what you want to accomplish.... friends who want to accomplish what you are working on...  somehow if someone else is waiting on you, you tend to get things done!  And then I start to get bogged down with WHO for WHAT?

I mean..... will my potential health & fitness partner also be a good 'finish the quilt' partner?  Will that person be at all willing to help me account for the housekeeping goals I have?  I am not sure.....

Online communities are golden for support...   as long as (the author warns) they are not so large that you can escape unnoticed.  And I see this is true!  When you are in a large group, you don't have to be accountable because no one notices when you don't post.  I really KNOW this one because that is ME!

I think this blog is one way that I try to stay accountable.  I do know that I don't want to write something here - and not do what I say I am going to do..... even if NO ONE were to read it :-)

Ultimately - I think it still comes down to me.... but I DO need to find help on those days I can't focus.  Especially because I need to re-gain focus quickly and not sink into the mud....


Find an accountability partner for your goal & make a specific plan for accountability and checking in.   (I see the assignment, I understand it.. but am not sure YET how to go about implementing it)  I am grateful that LIFE is a JOURNEY and a PROCESS and I can FUTZ this assignment and keep moving.....


Update on progress?

WEEELLLLLLL.... in theory I am halfway done with the mega-project but for lots of reasons, I am pretty much where I was a couple of days ago.  I am home today and tomorrow with no running around so we will see where I get!  The project is on my mind and ready to work on but life hasn't been too cooperative.  Excuses?  maybe.... I will pop in again later today with updates.

Okay - Quilt strip marked and ready for hand quilting.
   and..... 2 loads of laundry.... race pictures posted from last weekend.... photos taken to update event photo album.... and some bank balancing done.  One long and one short walk taken outside... and a good breakfast.

Time for lunch and round 2!

****  In the final analysis, I did get about 1/3 of the hand quilting done on this last long strip!****

How is it for you??  Do you have accountability partners for your goals?  How did you find them?

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