Saturday, November 24, 2012

21 Days... Day 19 Get it Done EARLY!

reading along with 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

following the challenge lead by Crystal at

The nugget I got from the reading today is: Get your work done early!

This one reminds me of the other day when we talked about getting the task you are DREADing done first!

But this one is a little different.... getting tasks done early leaves you more time to play.... to dream.... to be available for others... in essence.. to DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Getting work done early relieves stress and guilt about things left undone... whether they be part of your WORK or part of another obligation.

Personally I have a hard time with this one - Early means COMPUTER and how much time do I spend on that?   Even with all the rationalizations about writing and listing and financial paperwork.... it is TOO EASY to let the input on this box suck up my morning!

How about you?  What could you be doing RIGHT NOW that would add to your feelings of success about the day?  (I bet it's not Facebook :-)


Update on my progress:
  ROADBLOCK!!  I spent an hour trying to figure out the sewing machine today and pretty much got nowhere.  EXCEPT that I did get it all nice and cleaned out and am fairly certain that this is a simple issue.  AND I did go ahead and pack up the machine and parts into a bag to put in my car.  I will go SOMEwhere as yet undetermined NEXT week and get this figured out.
  Where to go?
      Two choices:
         1) Find a place that fixes sewing machines
         2) go back to where I bought it (the more obvious logical choice)  But here is where I wrangle with myself.  Remember I started this quilt when I took a quilt class in 2008?  Well.... the ladies were not exactly warm and fuzzy people.  Not mean, exactly..... but you know the feeling when you are on the outside looking in?  I mean, even though I was one of the few who actually got the pieces done for class.... I felt like I wasn't QUITE in the 'cool kids club'.  I KNOW you know what I mean....  When the class was over, I did take another ONE DAY class to make a rag quilt and just recently finished THAT one up.  I TRIED to get involved... I really LIKE playing with fabric and wanted (WANT) to learn to quilt.  I even wanted it so bad I bought that quilt frame that I don't use.  And, of course, this nice sewing machine!
    They are not local to me and not on my regular route so I really did make the time to go there.  They were running a class in the summer with some specific fabrics and I had asked them to call me and let me know when that was.  I never heard a word....
   To be fair, I also never went back to them either.  They do not have an online presence (okay - I had to go check and see if that has changed in the last 3 years - it hasn't but I found another 2 shops to check out :-)

    Maybe that is why I didn't get this thing finished in the first place.   I LOVE the project - and maybe if I had felt more comfortable with the people I would have been more inclined to visit them and learn more.

  So that is the decision now - to go back to them (where I will probably get my problem looked at and diagnosed for free - but at what cost?) or to go somewhere else and pay a fortune to get this handled.

Don't you hate it when you feel DUMB about something?  The machine is in my car and I will decide next week as I am driving around.  Hmm.... I think I will pack up the quilt, too.... and maybe I will feel like sharing my progress...  IF I go there....  which I probably will because AVOIDING these people is not an answer either.  I'll let you know what I end up doing!

In any case, I will definitely schedule visits to the other quilt shops within the next week or so!

In the meantime..... quilt RELATED to finish out my 21 days.... I have several quilts made by my mother-in-law that need to be mended.  Some of them just need a little hemming... some need major surgery - but ALL can be done by hand.  I started this process a month ago and stopped when I started working on THE QUILT.  I have pulled out 2 of them - one quick mend and one to work on little by little.... and will start tomorrow!

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