Monday, November 26, 2012

21 Days,..... Day 21... Now what?

Many thanks to Crystal Paine for her inspirational book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

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The theme of today's reading is that "Discipline begets discipline."  That when you work for discipline in one area of your life, you really begin to find it in other areas too.

21 days ago, I set out to finish a craft project.  One I had been putting off for lots of reasons.  And I still haven't finished... but I did work on it most days along the way.  I learned to take a systematic approach to working on it.  (Okay, I am already good at systematic approaches - but I am NOT good at FOLLOWING THROUGH with them!)

While I am not finished.... I DID meet obstacles and work around them...  I DID get aggravated with it (and worked with that)... I DID plow my way through until I hit a major roadblock.. and, in addressing the major roadblock, I have uncovered some of the underlying reasons that I put the quilt away in the first place.  AND that is helping me grow.

  I DID stop by the quilt shop... and, OF COURSE, I was an interference in their day.  Actually I truly was - the lady who works on the machines was heading out the door.  I was polite but firm and will go back Wednesday at 10:15 to see what they can do to help me :-)

I don't mean to be unkind.... it is a grumpy old lady and her unmarried daughter who takes care of her.  I think the world is a burden to them.  Neither one is in good health.  The daughter teaches the classes and is quite knowledgeable.  She is a good teacher.  My quilt is pretty because of her advice and help.  That said... they snark about other people... I have always felt like I am an unwelcome interruption.  And I've gotten more assertive about NOT staying in places where I feel that way! 

The truth is though - that THEIR attitude and demeanor should NOT affect MINE.  I don't like to be fussed at for things I do not know - but in honesty - it is their demeanor - not their intention.  And I should not avoid them because of that.  I will go back in another day and then have more to write about - but hopefully I will also have a functioning sewing machine and a plan for how to take care of it in the future :-)

I apologize for whining about this - I am seeing a side of me that AVOIDS unpleasantness!   This can be a healthy thing, protecting my mind and heart - but it can also interfere with my life.  I need to be able to see the difference!

Is there something in YOUR life that you have been avoiding dealing with - that might actually be a place for you to grow?

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