Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Start from Behind....

What a morning!!

The dogs started their ruckus around 3am... I THINK.. I didn't look at the clock.  What I KNOW is that they were restless for a really long time (in groggy sleep time) before we had enough and got up to walk them.  And THAT was around 4am.

My husband stayed up - like I usually do - and I went back to lie down for a while.  And I napped.

BUT when I got up at 6... it was awful - so very groggy!

I've been sitting here for an hour trying to go through emails and get a few business paperwork things accomplished.... but it seems to be getting worse and worse....  Not that I haven't gotten anything done - but staring at the computer or checking FB is not getting my morning handled!

so - here's the way I plan to get cracking!

Start a list of what must be done!

1. Errands - I will be leaving in an hour and a half (one son to Algebra, then to the men's store to meet up with another son to make sure his suit fits for an upcoming wedding, then to the mall (yuk) for a shower gift I need Saturday - these are the errands that MUST be done - there are others I may be able to fit in around there)

2. One mile & exercise bike. (We walked the dogs but did not get the mile at a frosty 4am!)

3. The usual rounds... a load of laundry, bathroom policing, pack cooler for the day's outing

4.  Pack bag of work to do during Algebra lesson

5.  Pull out quilt supplies and make sure sewing machine is set up.

If I can get this much done.. my morning can be salvaged...  the trick is GETTING UP OUT OF MY CHAIR!

      so..... do you have your list ready?

Then... let's go!

****ps I FORGOT a good breakfast......   but got it in while I was running around!

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