Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crochet Post #335-338 and #339 - 342 and more :-)

As I started to get back to my sewing projects - I found this pre-shirred fabric on clearance and decided to do up a couple of dresses for my girls!  Easy, cheap and quick success - my favorite way to do things :-)

I also completed another gift - one of my favorite baby girl projects... easy to do with beautiful results.... I really need to do a few of these to keep on hand for new babies :-)

Dishcloths for this week are pictured below:

#335 Tea Cup Dishcloth Pictured below on the upper right.  A companion to the sugar bowl and creamer in the last Crochet Post, this is adorable and easy to make!  A fun addition to a tea or coffee gift basket!

#336 Pink Pansy Dishcloth on the bottom right.  This one is really simple to make.. the base is double crochet with a nice edging and a flower that was intriguing to figure out.  This was a nice project to learn to make flowers with.  I think I would choose different colors if I did it again...

#337 Treble Textured Dishcloth pictured above on the bottom left.  I liked making this one because it is a little different from the ones I have been doing.  It has a nice texture for cleaning and the pattern would be good in many different colors.  I could also see this as an afghan square!

#338  Poinsettia In A Square Dishcloth Above on the upper left.  LOVE this one - a huge THUMBS UP from me :-)  The flower was a little challenging to figure out but once I did - it was totally worth it.  The results are stunning!  The pattern is also generic enough to use other colors to create a floral collection.  Definitely a FAVE!

The next 4 dishcloths are pictured below:

#339 Red & White Pinwheel Dishcloth  Pictured below on the upper left.  Wow!  This one drove me crazy!  It took a while to figure out the pattern and get in the groove... and then the rows with the red knots came along and were really challenging.  I'm still not sure I did it right.  Anyway... try it and see if you agree!  Not only will I not do it again, I need to give it away because it makes me aggravated to look at it!

#340 Little Black Purse Dishcloth  Cute and easy to make.... designed to go along with the black tie of a previous post Crochet  (and quilt) Post # 311-314 & 315-318   I am not sure how much I would like actually cleaning with either cloth but they DO make me smile... which would be a bonus while doing dishes!  Might be a good holiday hostess gift with a bottle of bubbly :-)

#341 Spider Lily Dishcloth  Pictured above on the upper right.  Unique and fun to figure out!  The spider lily is worked in the center in a raised stitch.  This one looks like it would be very functional - the raised flower would work well as a scrubber!  Definitely would do this one again :-)

#342  Indian Summer Dishcloth  Above on the bottom right.  This is another of the circular patterns that I enjoy doing.  The only thing I did not like - which might be me - is that I didn't quite get it to lie flat.  This indicates that I most likely did not follow the instructions and count properly!  It's pretty nonetheless and I will enjoy using this one in the summer / fall.

All of these patterns are available free from Maggie Weldon's site www.bestfreecrochet.com in the Nov and Dec 2011 archives as part of the 2011 Dishcloth challenge!  Thanks again to Maggie for a fantastic challenge and a lot of fun!

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