Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 22... good day for review....

After today, there are 3 more days in the month - and then one month left in the year.  It's a good time to set some FINISH LINE goals and see what I can accomplish

1.  Catch up on Bread blog posts
2. Write missing Children's Liturgy plans and prepare second half of year for sale
3.  Finish quilt :-) [assuming the sewing machine is a quick fix!]
4.  Complete quilt mending project
5. Update tithe and pay extra on credit cards (goal 5% reduction in principal)
6. Choose 2 habits and a project for the next month
7. Walk / run 84 miles  (average 2.75 mi / day)

..and live my life while I am at it :-)

Not too many goals - some catching up and some 'getting ready for new goals'.  The run/walk goal is due to a friend of mine who wanted to log 1000 miles in 2012.  She has a month to finish... and I had to play with the math... and decided that IF one could cover 2.75 miles per day, 1000 miles would be in the bag.  Well..  why not?  If a fit person has 5 miles of steps per day... then it would be no problem.  So.... I want to give it a try for a month before I make a goal for the year!

Today was a good day of thinking about what to finish up this year.... took the cats to the vet for shots....  wrangling out some financial bugs before tax season sets in.... and... making some yummy bread!

Tomorrow is errands.....

What did you do today?

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