Sunday, November 25, 2012

21 Days... Day 20 Do It Now

It always amazes me how much time tasks REALLY take.... you know - the ones you put off..... and put off BECAUSE they take so much time? 

But when you really break them down - the task itself only takes a few minutes...

but you have hours - and sometimes days invested into DREADing doing themand putting them off.

"Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes (or less!) and suddenly the task is no longer nagging you. You’ve freed up brain space and energy."

This statement from today's reading is a fantastic NUGGET to take away with me.  Just like Nike's ad slogan - Do It Now! - this little mantra can save a whole lot of stress and worry.

Right now - at my computer is a handful of messy looking receipts - waiting for me to enter into my financial program.... I will sit here off and on for hours today - and usually will say "I need to enter those" each time I sit down.  Each time I sit down to my computer, they will bother me.  Yet I have the capacity to let this go on for a week or more (as more receipts are added to the mess).  Until ultimately I get really irritated and have to spend even more time with all the sorting and entering.

By employing the 'Do It Now' mantra.... I spend 2 minutes doing the job and spend NO MORE TIME thinking about it.  (btw, I took about a minute and a half to get them entered while I was writing this!)

As you go through your day today, what can YOU use the 'Do It Now' principle to free up your brainspace and energy?

***Update on progress

Well - one bit of good news - 21 Days later - my bathroom mirror is sparkling every day and making me smile!
And I am still spending 15 minutes on the exercise bike most days.  I've added 20 crunches 3X per week to this and am building a strength routine around them.

As for my quilt project roadblock:  The sewing machine is packed and in the car - IF time permits tomorrow, I will stop by the quilt shop to see f they can take a look at it..  If not it will be later in the week.   It is crazy how much I am dreading dealing with these women in this shop! 

In the meantime, I mended one quilt and put a few patches on another.  The second one will take a while.  Unfortunately it was tied rather than quilted and the fabric has torn where the ties were tied.  SO there are any number of small places that need a patch.  It will be a weird looking quilt when I am finished - but my mother-in-law's gift of love will be preserved in some fashion!

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