Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One of those Days...

What a day I have had!

Do you ever have those days where all your time is sucked up somehow - yet you have very little to show for it??

That was today!

The kind of day where you wonder what God had in mind and you hope you lived up to it...

I went into town early to take my son to class.... and had the sewing machine appointment at 10:15.  I had an hour and a half to kill.. and only had one small errand I could do in that time period.   But it turns out my daughter and grandson were out and about too... so I joined them for a quiet treat cup of coffee.  Serendipity and nice... but "nothing done"

I got to the quilt shop a little early - and the ladies were running late.  It was okay - I had gotten myself so nervous.... so I spoke with the helper and found out about upcoming classes and decided to take one (making placemats).  I will get to learn how to use some of the special features on my machine - so that is good.  So I picked out fabrics for the class (next Thursday).  This was all done by the time the owner got there.

And she was perfectly nice - and checked out my machine... which was in pretty good shape... I really only needed a new needle and good thread - and I was using the wrong bobbin.  Who knew?  Well, now I do.  And she was a bit snarky - but it was the snarky where they do it because they LIKE you?  Where they have to put you down so they can get pumped back up?  Weird behavior.... and I can see that I don't want to be around it a lot.... but I can STILL use their knowledge and LEARN.

It occurred to me that perhaps God's plan has more to do with bringing sunshine into THEIR lives than to eliminating FEAR in mine....  I don't know about that - but my machine will work and I can get back on THE QUILT...  AND I will be in a class next week to make some winter placemats..

So.. by the time I got out of there... I had an hour to get to my next place (10 minutes away).  I went there.... and got a phone call.  I was kind of tickled that I got out of the car and took a walk during the call... I got a half hour of sunshine and walking.. SCORE!!  Also had a texting time with one of my sons..

And by the end of that time, I remembered I hadn't eaten at all today... so I pulled out my cooler and ate.  I was supposed to meet my child to delver something and the child was late - so I left the stuff.   Usually I fret and give my kid grief for being late.

Headed out for the next kid who needed me.. how can you pass up a plea for a mommy hug?  No matter how old they are.... there is nothing that can replace that - nor is there anyone else who can do it?

So.... so far today that is it... a day where I 'accomplished nothing'.. but seem to have been available to help or enjoy 4 of my 5 children in some way...  a day of blessings!


I am home now and need to go do my bike and set up my sewing machine.  Tomorrow is more errands.... and it make take a day or so to get back on the quilt stuff.. but I am still on track to finish this year!

I will keep you updated!

Oh yeah - I also figured out my next 21 Day project... I am going to tackle the photo scanning again.  I do love to pull together photos for the end of the year and this will get me immersed in them for 3 weeks in December.  I may get more accomplished than I know!

How about you?  Have you chosen a project for next month?

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