Thursday, November 8, 2012

21 Days - Day 6 - Plan your Success!

The watchword for today is BE REALISTIC!

I have to admit - when I read the topic for the reading today from 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life , I thought of my "almost" mega-project... the photo scanning one I have been stewing over.  But I KNOW that can't be done in 21 days... or I THINK I know that :-)  I had 24 hours to commit to a project to complete in 21 days and ALMOST went with the photos... but wasn't sure about total quantity or follow-through.   It didn't seem realistic... so I will keep on with the 30  min per week idea... which I haven't done this week either!  But I digress.... ONE thing at a time!

Lasting change happens slowly.  Just as a tiny rivulet of water created the Grand Canyon over time... our little habit changes create new and better lives!

Thing is... when we start out with too many changes, all of our enthusiasm and good intentions go by the wayside when the going gets tough!

Just like with anticipating problems (Day 5)... making sure that your new self-discipline FITS in your life is really important!  It is so hard to scale back when we want so desperately to create a new habit... but if you really want your habit to stick... you have to have a reasonable expectation of yourself (and those around you!)

Barring doctor's orders, it is not reasonable to drastically change your diet immediately!  You may have a few good days to begin but are almost certain to drop this project pretty quickly.  Better to break it down into smaller chunks that you can handle.  Start by doing something very small.... like adding a salad to your processed food dinner... OR replacing one meal a week with foods you learn to make from real ingredients.... and then build on that as time goes on.

It almost feels insulting to start so small.... kind of like you are setting the bar too low... but it is the small changes that are not TOO painful that will be permanent ones that you can build on!   And if you look at the BIG picture, this one little change is a step on the road to the BIG goal.

Make your goals realistic and achievable (and break them up into parts you can manage successfully).

 And never, ever give up!

Today's assignment:

1.  Continue the small habit... bathroom mirror spritzed!(This one is getting a little tougher... hard to remember the good intentions before I run out to jump into my morning.  I MIGHT have to tweak this to allow me to do it at a different time of day)
2.  Continue with larger life change....  15 minutes on the bike (added 8 pull-ups for upper body)

3.  Step 6 of mega-project - stitched last panel onto the quilt... also plan to cut batting and pin strip in preparation for hem-stitching it to the back

4. Re-evaluate steps for mega-project... are they manageable?

     I have kind of cheated on this one.  I never actually did make 21 steps because I really don't know everything involved with finishing the quilt.  I just know that there isn't too terribly much and it will take consistent effort to finish it up!  I have worked on little bits each day.  I think I will continue as I have just so long as I do some work each day with a focus on finishing by the end of the 21 days!

How is your 21-Day journey going?  Especially your mega-project....

Read more at the inspiration site: www.serving

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