Saturday, November 3, 2012

21 Days...Day 2..Start a habit

Day 2 of the challenge... how to create change.

And it's a way that we know - I have written about baby steps over and over again - but it always bears repeating... to create lasting change, you have to go slowly and create habits.

Read it again.... Go slowly and create habits.

Overambitious plans set us up for failure.  You know that... I know that... yet we do it time and time again.  There is so much FUN in the planning!  AND so much energy in the STARTING of a new plan!

But - as much fun as the planning is.... the FAILURE stinks!

This time, I am going to keep setting myself up for success!

Today's assignment... choose ONE small thing to do every day for a week that will be a habit that will make a difference in your life.

I think my focus will be writing in this blog!   So I guess that is REstarting a habit?  But at any rate, it's a good way for me to spend a little time thinking about what I need to do.

A couple of other things I want to try are
    *bathroom mirror.  A spritz and a wipe every morning.  One week.... let's see how it goes...
    *15 minutes on the treadmill  (I've been stalled in treadmonster training for lost of reasons - but one is TIME.... but I can do anything for 15 minutes.. and if I can't?  well, then it's some other reason that I CAN FIX)

I will try these others BUT am not allowed to beat myself up for not getting them done - the writing is the FOCUS!

So .. recap of Day 2

I am fighting a cold and am rebellious about getting back to the quilt!  Also rebellious about the treadmill - BOO!  I have been writing for a good bit today - hooray for THAT habit!  And have worked around the house with the usual things.  Pulled chili out of the freezer to put in the crock for dinner....

Did spritz the bathroom mirror and cleaned the counters - new habit that makes me smile!

The writing I did was 'catch-up' blog writing but I need to do a lot of that - so it's all good!  Maybe that should have been my mega-project......  need to be careful not to burn myself out on this productive stuff :-)

I finally sat down to watch a movie from the library and work on Day 2 on THE QUILT.  I got the long strip marked and started to work.  I got called away for something or the other (LIFE!) and when I came back, I discovered that one of our kitties - Trouble - decided to help me today.  In spite of his help, I did manage to get some quilting done.  Not as much as I had anticipated, but I had forgotten about the need to mark it... so it's all good... and progress is made!

Never did make it to the treadmill - but that is 'all-or-nothing' thinking...

Reality is that we have a stray dog boarding with us until we find her owner (or great new home!) and we are walking all the dogs twice as often!  She's an energetic creature and I need to recognize that walking her IS walking.... doesn't have to be on the treadmonster!  (Now I just have to watch myself to make sure I am not making excuses because I honestly am not doing the training I need to be doing!)

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