Tuesday, November 13, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life - resumed.. Day 8

The book?     21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

The challenge?  Being led by Crystal at www.servingjoyfully.com

Join in!  21 Days can begin ANY day.. and there is no time like the present!

I was away for a weekend and dropped off the blogosphere on Day 7... I am going to pick back up with Day 8's reading

Put Your Goals on Paper...

oh yeah - one of my biggies!!

On paper, it's real... one of the main reasons I struggle with journalizing my food intake.  Not that I don't freely admit my excesses... but to WRITE them?  Yikes!!  That hurts!

But I do love my lists.... I make a list every day because if it isn't written, I don't remember it all.  Thing is, I sometimes have to make 2 or 3 lists because I don't know where I put my list!  But it does prove that if it isn't written, it is all too easy to forget.

This is especially important for larger goals... like paying off bills or losing weight.  If you have a SMART goal (Day 6 in the book!)... specifically a GOAL that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding and Time-Specific... then it is WORTH writing down!  Make notes and put them everywhere so you see them!
Don't let the everyday crises pull you away from your goals simply because they aren't in the front of your mind.  And, let's face it... your mind is on the crisis in front of you... NOT the one down the road.  And the long-term is down the road.  You need some UP FRONT reminders of your desires!

My husband and I have a notebook where we put in all the things we agree on for goals... house renovations, paying down debt, places we want to travel, things we want to do.  Once a month or so, we go out to eat with THE BOOK and revisit our dreams.  This has helped us connect on a lot of levels and also keeps our joint wishes and goals UP FRONT.

One of the things the author, Crystal Paine, warns about is making a list and hiding it neatly in a notebook.  I am definitely guilty of that - which is why THE BOOK was born for our joint projects... and I have a binder that I can easily access that keeps me kind of on track most days.  I DO get a sense of satisfaction from crossing things off :-)

Assignment:  Write down your current goal on a sticky note in a positive format and post it in several places that you can see.

What you need to remember is not:  'I want to be' or 'I am working toward' but I AMI AM breathes faith into your belief system.  I AM sounds like you believe you can achieve your goal.  I AM makes your goal a reality.

Write that goal like it is already completed!

For me?   I am a healthy athlete who trains and competes regularly.  

my personal update?

Still sore from walking my racing weekend... but MUCH better!

Staying on top of the bathroom mirror(little habit)!  It is starting to get easier and makes me smile.... a LOT!  AND the attention is spilling over to the counter.... NICE!

Monday & Tuesday nights right now my husband and I watch television together and I had saved the quilt (mega-project) for then BUT (don't you LOVE 'buts'?) I couldn't lay out the work to do the hemstitching in a way that was physically comfortable and still allow us a chance to snuggle.  I opted to work on some current crocheting projects instead.  Today I have a lunch date with a friend and will work on the quilt this afternoon when I get home.  My general game plan is to get that long strip hemmed, marked and quilted before the week is out.  Lighting may be an issue because the fabric is dark and morning light is best with my eyes but I will continue to tackle this one day at a time!

The 15 minutes on the bike (major habit) absolutely did not happen!  Yesterday needed to be a complete rest for the legs!  My training recovery plan calls for 20 minutes of cross-training today and I'm not sure what I will do.  I will try the bike and see how my legs behave.... but will probably end up with arm work.  At a minimum I pledge to LOCATE the dvds that will allow me to choose body parts to work :-)

So... how's it going for you?  Are you working on self-discipline?  Do you have any goals that you can put on paper so that you can stay on track with them?

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