Friday, November 23, 2012

21 Days... Day 18 Embrace Your Uniqueness

"You can spend all of your life trying to measure up to someone else."

This line from today's article is what hit me really hard this year.

Sometimes I think about how hard and long I tried to be the brilliant lawyer or businesswoman like my parents worked so hard for me to be.

Sometimes I think about how long I tried to keep a house as nice as my mom did.

Sometimes I think about how long I tried to cook as good as my first mother-in-law did.

Sometimes still I think about how hard I try to fit in with others.

But then I remember that I am ME.

I have my own journey.... and while I may be talented enough to be what my parents wanted me to be....  it has not been my nature or calling.  I can take classes all day long but that will not make me excel in a bureaucratic environment.

As for keeping house, that is dependent on so many factors!  And one of those is household help - which my mom had.  And one of those is early training - which - because of household help and older siblings - I did not have much of.  Except dusting.... I SEE the dust bunnies :-)  I can and will keep working on habits and will have a happy life anyway.

Cooking?  Has always been an issue!  As the younger daughter I had salad duty.  My sister was the cook.  Not my mom... she never liked it.   So I identified with  a mother who did NOT like to cook and I married a man who used his mother's good cooking as a weapon.  Not my fault!  But I am learning to have fun in the kitchen..... and when I removed the comparison factor... I am becoming a pretty good cook.

And fitting in with others is over-rated.  I can fit in where I want to.

But I LIKE my tendencies to question the status quo.  It makes me adaptable and able to learn and grow.  (It also makes me an uncomfortable, though capable person to have around)

I LIKE my ability to see the many sides of an issue.. positive and negative.  (This definitely hampers my decision-making, but makes me relatively non-judgmental and compassionate.)

And I LIKE my ability to focus on the end-game.  (It makes me very resilient to what happens today... but many people lose patience with my apathy towards minor (IMO) crises.)

The point here is that the qualities that make you YOU are important!  Just as the ways that others excel make THEM important.

It is critical that you keep learning and growing.... IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Assignment for today:

  Start thinking about your NEXT mega-project.  How can you use your strengths?


Update on my progress:

   Yesterday, as expected, I did not have the time to focus on THE QUILT.
Today I will have a little extra time to play so I will work on the sewing machine FIRST (because I like it the LEAST) and will go on from there depending on my success (or lack of it)

How are things going for you?  Do you have ideas for another (or a first mega-project?)

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