Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21 Days... Day 16.... Worst First, Best Last

Using the book 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

following the challenge set by Crystal at

The reading today points out that you get more done... and your day runs more smoothly.... if you do what you like least.. FIRST!

I remember doing this with my food when I was a kid.... save the best for last :-)

With tasks that lie before me, I find the same process is more effective.  If I hem and haw and wander around avoiding doing something I dislike..... it takes days (or more!) to get it done.  No wonder I think it takes FOREVER to get some things done.... I have to consider my WHINE factor!

If I leave the things I don't want to do until LATER, I often can wiggle my way out of it altogether for that day - and this usually does not serve me or my family.  And this also makes ME feel like I am a procrastinator - a NEGATIVE term that I don't need in my head!

So - today's nugget is: Next time you make your list of things to do - take the one you want to do the least - and tackle it FIRST!

  How does this apply to your mega-project?  Is there something about this that you are avoiding?
  *TODAY is the day to DO IT!


Update on my progress:
       Yes - I managed to do some of the hand quilting yesterday as I putzed around getting my thoughts and house ready for the big day.  Hooray for me!

My goal is to get the hand quilting on the long strip completed before Thanksgiving Day.  I will not be working on the quilt that day (I don't think!)

As for things I am putting off with the quilt?  Right now it is working with the sewing machine since that is a road block - but seriously this is a timing issue and there is no time for it with the holiday coming up.  I will give myself time on Friday to play with the sewing machine and see if I can sort it out.

I am finding it really annoying at this point to keep working on the quilt.  This is a good exercise for me - and I can certainly see value in keeping ONE big project going.  I feel a little bit behind in my life (because of THE QUILT) but I am also more focused and getting more accomplished overall.

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