Saturday, May 16, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 16... Lunch again.. who is the Gift For?

Remember last week's attempt at lunch?

And serendipitous connecting with someone I see all the time (but we don't take the time just for each other?)  I just looked back and it was Day 9.

Today is the "official" lunch connecting with someone important who I haven't seen in probably a YEAR.

A good friend who had to move

And I missed terribly.

But I have been  in a fog for a few years....  fighting depression and so many things

And I let him go

Like I let others go as I wallowed around trying to find my way out of the morass

But today

As I spend my days trying to give gifts.....

I realized that this lunch,
this conversation,
this reaching out,
this time

is a gift to both of us.

Maybe even more to me.

So does it count as a gift for the 29 day gift project?
If I get a benefit, does it count?

I think so.... but I doubled the tip for the server just in case...

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