Thursday, May 7, 2015

29 Gifts Day 7... Flowers :-)

It was a gorgeous day today!

Perfect for a little yard work.

I haven't been able to get out much this year.. the pollen is messing with my asthma something fierce....

And there are a lot of flower beds to clean out.

I love iris.  And purple ones.

Which is funny because I do not like purple

Except in iris, violets, lilacs and wisteria (and I am sure there are more purple flowers that I would love)

I digress.

Back to my gift.

I have a beautiful large frilly deep purple and white one that has been proudly showing off this whole week.  It's the first to bloom and it seems to know it!

I remembered that a friend mentioned several years ago that she would love some purple iris.  And she is, in fact a much better gardener than I.  I lean toward plants that God takes care of.. you know- the ones that you can ignore and they come back and surprise you year after year?  Those plants.  Like iris :-)

Anyway....  I saw that proud iris.... and plucked it up from the ground..... from the roots... bagged the roots (leaving a bit of one for me for another year) and took it to my friend.

Her smile was a gift to ME.

[Day 6 Lunch update..... my invitee was not available for the specific day I had in mind... so we scheduled for next week AND I called my next.. and we had an impromptu lunch visit today!  So this is a two for one :-)  I do have a quite a few people I'd like to connect with so I think I will set aside one day a week [ISH] to connect.... stay tuned!]

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