Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 33 April 27 - May 3

week 5
    Detox breakfasts (Pam Peeke) [Done & prepped for next week: 5 yogurt/fruit bowls & hard-boiled eggs for quick wraps]

    Ttapp basic or Walk Away Pounds dvd X ONE  [still didn't get here!  BUT I DID put exercise clothing in the exercise room - but moving the # of times in my goal to ONE and removing yet another obstacle [excuse], I am coming closer to the work!]

    Morning mile X 5 [DONE]

    Make 1-2 recipes out of the 100 Days Real Food cookbook -  Whole Wheat pancakes, Perfect Omelet,

    Eat at regular mealtimes -  Missed one day, this is working

    Schedule the CSA produce box  DONE - starts May 9

  Find pedometer, get it operational and record steps [ pedo readings: 4629 / 5380 / 5547 / 3983 / 5560 / 7992

   Daily one Sentence journal
       & "if I were to die tomorrow" exercise

   Business: EOM bills  DONE

   Personal:  write 3 cards to friends [supplies gathered, friends identified]

Taking a break from the logging processed food.  The goal was to be mindful of the food I am eating in a state processed by someone else!

This week I am going to try and focus on eating at regular intervals - aka NOT GRAZING.   I will eat a breakfast, (optional mid-morning snack 10ish), lunch, (mid-afternoon snack - tea?), dinner and (optional evening snack).   Snacks if I feel hungry... but defined snacks, not pantry-grab grazing, know what I mean?  Sit down to a balanced food offering.
Pedometer in place by Monday night - go me!  And here's the story.. I found it and it needed a battery.. well, they come in twos - so I had one in the fridge.  The pedo has a tiny screw and my hubby offered to handle it.  I thanked him and left the pedo and battery on the kitchen counter Sunday night.  Of course, more important things came up and it was still there Monday morning.  I ran errands on Monday and decided that I would purchase the screwdriver I needed (starting a small collection of tools I can locate - aka MY toolbox :-) and handle it myself.  And I did.  A $2 outlay toward my own independence.  And the best part?  I didn't say even one thing about it - no nagging, no 'guilt'ing, just take care of myself.  Done.

  He handles all the maintenance - mostly because he knows where the tools are - not because I am unwilling.  That can be fixed.  Inexpensively.  And I can feel more independent. And he can feel less like he is responsible for everything.  It's good.

Trying to add the green smoothie as one of my food/snack options along with the breakfast protein..

The cards - it is a desire of mine to keep up with friends - especially those not on Facebook that I never get around to seeing or keeping in touch with.  I have a TON of family pics I got to send in the Christmas cards that didn't happen... so I want to send them with HELLO notes to my important people... BUT.. like the dvds, I can't seem to get there from here!   So this week my FIRST goal is simply to get the cards, address book, pictures and stamps together - and maybe address the 3 cards!   Step by step.... I need this 'keeping in touch' to become a habit!

Also - started the 29 gifts project.... giving away 29 gifts in 29 days....  looking forward to seeing a transformation in attitude :-)

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