Monday, May 25, 2015

One Sentence Journal May 18-24, 2015

Mon May 18
  Happy anniversary to me!  A quiet very lazy day still shaking off some things that were said to me and the truly sad things I feel about my relationship with that person.  My beloved came back to the beach around lunchtime and we just quietly enjoyed each other's company throughout the day.

Tue May 19
    hard to believe we are beginning our 25th year together... both seems like yesterday - and like forever... in all good and bad ways!  Marriage is truly an adventure! It was a quiet day just being together.. the adventure park for me and some great photos taken by my hubs..... celebrating with a Dairy Queen blizzard because I over extended a bit and was pretty shaky when I finished :-)  

Wed May 20
      We spent the morning being lazy - and then a run over to the quilt shop to get some more fabric for the projects for the new grand on the way.  The weather this week is absolutely fantastic.... another afternoon reading on the deck!  I am thinking I need to make sure I get at least one afternoon weekly reading on the deck at home!
  A happy accident!  I was in the office with a broken coffee carafe when I overheard the manager booking a small condo for a couple of days.  When she got off the phone I asked if there was some availability for the upcoming holiday weekend.  And, lo and behold... YES!!  For some serendipitous reason, a small one bedroom unit was open and I took it.... just to extend the beachtime for me and whoever stayed...

Thu May 21
     We spent the morning working....  our daughter & grandgirl are coming down this evening and we wanted to pack up whatever we could and get our own possessions out of the line of fire.  Poor things drove down in thunderstorms this evening.

Fri May 22..
     Breakfast out and my husband drove back home to begin to gather up the pieces of our life before I come home.  I stayed to visit with the girls.. and have beachtime and shoptime.

Sat May 23
    This morning we changed units and then spent the day shopping.  It was sunny but windy and the wind was COLD.... not a good day to spend baking in the sun - but a perfect day for shopping and girl talk.

Sun May 24
    And today was the best beach-y day yet..... but I came back home.  I almost stayed but knew I would spend the day wondering if I should have come home so.. that would have been a waste!  And, in the final analysis - I am glad I did come back... to settle in and start my week.  I begin my 6 week push to drop a few pounds TOMORROW... so it was good to get myself back together TODAY.

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