Tuesday, May 12, 2015

One Sentence Journal May 4- 10, 2015

Mon May 4.. A normal day... but a beautiful one.... one of those... 'all is right with the world' days.. nothing special to write about but oh so good to recognize and be grateful for!

Tue May 5.. a copperhead snake .... and an out-of-print book I have been looking for - for years!  A trip to get the car worked on.. and dropped in to the garden store and found some lettuces, chard & tomatoes that grabbed my eye...
walked to town in the lovely sunshine and worked in the garden beds too - I will be sore tomorrow!

Wed May 6...
      oh yeah - I am sore :-)  But pleased....  Did a bit in the yard today - I will need to do a little bit each day now for a while...  a little bit of sewing and popped over to a friends for a surprise lunch visit.  Got new lettuces & chard in the ground this evening..

Thu May 7   My craft group meets today and I can't wait to go.  I've missed the last few weeks.  These ladies always lift me up.  It's a gift to me when I get myself over there!  And a surprise!  Last time I was there I mentioned to one of the quilters that I'd like to learn what she was doing.....  AND she had written up a whole explanation for me.  I am so excited about it!  Can't wait to put it into action :-)

Fri May 8... Getting kidnapped today for Mothers Day weekend....  We headed out for the mountains.... nothing I love better than a road trip!

Sat May 9....  visited the Scrappy Apple quilt store in Winchester, VA.... discovered a car show.. and enjoyed a tour of Belle Grove plantation and a beer / ale tasting.  The weather was exquisite... and we had a blast!

Sun May 10..... headed over to Luray caverns... what an amazing site!  How did I not manage to get the boys there when we were homeschooling?

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