Sunday, May 24, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 24... A pink pail.. and mermaid stickers.

Oh my goodness...

What a day!

Absolutely gorgeous here on the beach...
though the waves were a little rough.

My 5 year old granddaughter was absolutely enthralled by the surf.

Screaming with joy as she leapt and danced in the brilliant sun

I remembered my own visceral experiences of the sea as I danced with her.

I tired and returned to my blanket.. and she,
of course,
did not.

She began work on a sand castle
with her new shining pink pail.

Dashing back and forth filling it from the incoming tide.

I kept a watchful eye because the surf truly was
treacherous today.

And, there it was,

The wave that knocked her down.

Up like a flash, grandmother and mother streaked to her and lifted her up
All the while she was screaming hysterically.

It took a minute to recognize her howling
was not for her own fall
but for the beloved pink pail
Being tossed
Just out of reach.

One held the child.... and one chased the pail.
 Child safe...... pail gone to be a plaything of something or someone else another day.

This chapter closed...... we headed back to the condo to calm ourselves and find another activity for the afternoon.

We ran an errand
We drove a bit
And we shopped

And found

A pink pail to purchase.

And glittery mermaid stickers just because.

This giving thing..... while it sometimes takes money..... it's not about money per se.  It's about filling a need.... an exchange to and from hearts

A $2 pink pail

from my heart

to hers.

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