Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 32 May 4-11, 2015

Week 6.....

New Goals!
      Do a dvd ONE time... [nope!  This remains a THINKING goal apparently though I am closer all the time to setting up a "program" for a while to lose some weight]
      Do a mini-strength routine TWO times - Mon, Wed, Thu

Still not a habit:
      Record pedometer readings:  Increase daily average by 100 steps to 5620
      Regular mealtimes: 3 mealtimes, 3 optional snacktimes.  No grazing  [most days went fairly well.... but I see that being lax on this will be a problem]

To continue to work on:
        Whole food prep
         Morning mile

Personal:  greeting cards[didn't get them done - but DID set a lunch date with one of the people]
Business: clean desk area, catch up on bills, post more liturgy plans to newer website 


Pedo readings:  Mon
     Last week's daily average was 5515....   7383 /12500 /6670 / 6357 / 7240 / 7198 / 5240

this week's average?  7513 Boom!

Mini-strength routine... My goal of doing a dvd is primarily to add to my movement and get stronger.  A stepping stone to this is a mini-strength routine.  I know a fit person who has a specific set of exercises she does every day before she showers.  I have tried this several times and am starting AGAIN.  I just have to remember - and do 10 each of a couple of exerciese.

   Daily one Sentence journal
   Business: EOM bills  DONE

   Personal:  write 3 cards to friends [supplies gathered, friends identified]

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