Friday, May 29, 2015

I choose ADVENTURE instead of Old Age

When I was in my 40s... and even after I turned 50... I was complacent.

I had aches and pains... I lost physical strength.. I battled depression

And I accepted it

as normal aging.... and I

gave in to it because of its inevitability.

But I found that as I used my body less

and fed it whatever was around

I grew fluffier and heavier ... and was able to DO less and less
and felt worse and worse.

I realized that every day, I was choosing Old Age... whatever that means .. and I don't want to choose that sooner than I have to.  And I won't lie to myself and be a victim of my own behavior.

I choose to move anyway.  In spite of the pain.

I mean....
if I'm going to hurt anyway...
 won't I be happier if I can continue to do what I want to do?

And today

10 years later

I look around at my peers

So many of whom can no longer walk unaided
who have contracted obesity-related illnesses [that we call inevitable]
who are on tons of medications

who are losing their health quickly.

And who cannot even conceive of a 3 mile hike.... or travel to another country... or a trip to anywhere a vehicle can't go...

What most people don't realize is that it's a daily choice.

A choice to walk even when your back hurts
A choice to forego cake and eat lettuce
A choice to walk instead of watch tv
A choice to stand instead of sit

Perhaps overweight immobility is inevitable in my future too

But not today
and not with my help.

If I can stave it off another 20 years or so..... until I'm in my 80s or later..... by eating vegetables and taking walks

I'm in!

I WANT the power to choose.  I WANT to control my own destiny.  Through mundane daily choices.

I choose to fight my fears and my pain... and keep moving.

I have a lot of ADVENTURES ahead.....

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