Wednesday, May 6, 2015

29 Gifts Day 6.... an invitation to lunch

Today was hard.

I mean it was an ordinary day.   I knew I was supposed to give something away..

And I looked for that opportunity.


I picked up my son on my way to work as usual... and we had an hour to chat together. 

At work I spent my time on today's project - planting the flowers outside the quilt shop.... and I made a TON of trips back and forth to the bathroom with a large cup to water them all.

And then I took my son to lunch before I dropped him off at his class.

And went to have my nails done... and begin my Mother's Day purchases (a gift certificate for a pedicure)

But this was nothing out of the ordinary.

I stopped at the library on my way home and left a bag of hand-knit slippers [not by me] with a friend to deliver to the VA... I've been hunting for this friend for a few weeks now as I run errands..  and received a library volunteer gift.

And came home to my husband doing yardwork...  so I unloaded the car and began to work on washing dishes, etc.  We scored a free dinner out of refrigerator leftovers!  Whoop!

And then we watched Dancing with the Stars....  tonight I didn't do handwork...  I shared a glass of wine with my husband at his invitation.

A basic day...

then I realized that I have planned a free day this week.... and have issued an invitation to lunch.   I will have to wait for the answer.... but have a list of other people I have promised to 'catch lunch sometime' with.... and will work on a lunch date with somebody!  

[As I read this back I see about a zillion things I gave... from a ride to town and lunch for my son... to help with planting flowers at the shop... to an extra tip at the salon.. and the gift certificate...etc...  They all count..... but I want to do something I wouldn't ordinarily do!
  My new awareness however.. made me AWARE that my friend was st the library... that my husband wanted to share some downtime...   AND that awareness is part of a process I am excited about!  I will keep you updated about the LUNCH!]

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