Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What if you Don't Have a Mother?

I find Mother's Day to be hard.

I mean.....

my mom died.

in 1996.

And it still hurts my heart.

I am married to a man who loves me dearly but doesn't much understand celebration.

It was even hard for a long time to let my kids do for ME....  because this day used to make me so unhappy.

So Mothers Day was a day I tried to just get through.


the day I discovered the JOY

of celebrating other mothers.

I have some women in my mom's generation that have mothered me as well....  I began to send them cards.

My daughters have become mothers... so I have an opportunity to share with them how proud I am of the nurturing women they have become.

I have friends who have nurtured me in different ways that I can show appreciation to.

So.... okay.. I DO have a mother

the BEST mother out of this world

and the best I can do for HER...

is to share that love I can't show her

with others I care about.

[Of course I have to add that since I wrote this.... Mr. Wonderful has asked me to go away for the weekend....  so those extra cards just might be late.  I am a lucky woman indeed] 

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