Tuesday, May 12, 2015

29 Gifts.... Day 12 Information and encouragement

While traveling I popped into a quilt store...

Just to look..... [yeah right :-)]

I AM proud of the fact that I have a running list of projects I want to work on - AND I want to complete.... so that I have a running list of types of fabric needed.   It helps me when I walk into wonderland (quilt shop!) to have a focus.   It helps me NOT buys what strikes my fancy - though I usually buy at least ONE item just because... and it works its way into a project after that...

Anyway...... as I was checking out, I chatted with the owner and she was a font of info that I could take back to the shop where I work.  I am always on the lookout for ideas to help boost business.. because of life events, my shop is having some struggles. 

So I listened.

And asked questions.

And took flyers

And ideas.

And brought them back to my quilt shop owner.

And, because I know that I totally overwhelm her with enthusiasm (because I am me :-)....  I spent a good bit of time with her assistant.  She is much better able to encourage and help and pick and choose what will and won't work.

But at least

I gave information and new ideas.

It's not up to me where they go from here :-)

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