Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 30 May 18-24

Week 8

New Goals!
      Do a dvd ONE time
      ****Plan times for dvd sessions for when I get back home [morning and/or evening]
      Do a mini-strength routine TWO times
      ****Record baseline rep numbers for exercises [ I have done this for 2 exercises]
      Watch meal/snack composition: protein, fruit/veggie, optional carb
       ***this week begin food logging**** [3 days]

     Water!  4 bottles daily [plus whatever is used in smoothies, cooking, whatever]
       did pretty well with this one!

Still not a habit:
      Record pedometer readings: Meet 6000 step average {I missed recording a couple of days - avg was 5492]
      Observe regular mealtimes: 3 mealtimes, 3 optional snacktimes.  (when this gets too complicated, I plan to wait 1.5-2 hours between eating times) [marginal]

To continue to work on:
        Whole food prep
         Morning mile [all off schedule due to vacay]

Personal:  connect with friends & family - cards? [not this week]

Business: catch up on bills, post more liturgy plans to newer website  DONE

Since I was at the beach this week.. I will repeat these next week... they are all things I am working on.. and life will be back to normal (?) when I get home....

Next week starts "Project Hawaii".  I plan to be in Hawaii in a couple of months and am going to get cracking on a 10-20 pound loss.  I will be adding at least one dvd session to each day (yikes!) and continue with the step count.  I will also be logging food and am ALMOST ready to work on calorie counting again... maybe.  I've done so much work on the food though - it's time for all over exercise and I think I have the energy to do it!

pedo readings: 4003 / 7096 / 9203 / 3040 / ? / 4121   avg 5492
   I forgot to record a few of the days.... I will be back in sync when I get home

Adventure Park musings

Tue morning: A little discouraged this morning... my upper body muscles are sore today from the adventure park the other day.  My strength feels like it is going.   But wait!  When I bought the pass in March.. I did it once and my lower body.. hips, thighs and knees hurt for days.  Today my left (weak) knee is a little creaky - but other than that, my lower body doesn't hurt at all.... so I guess the TRUTH is that the walking from the last few weeks has strengthened me.  I do have more energy (to whine about it?)... so I must be on the right path.
   Okay - not discouraged any more :-)  Talked myself right out of that one!

Sat morning... still havent' been back to the adventure park - I kind of think I need to but my knee is still acting up.  

So for myriad reasons I did not go back at all.  Still pretty scared of the highest level I achieved but am mentally preparing for next time I'm down there - probably October.


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