Monday, May 18, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 18... A Kiss

I am leaving for the beach

and my husband is leaving for a car show.....[beach most likely tomorrow for him]

He is leaving at 6am.....  and I am leaving around 10

I always get up when he leaves just to see him off......

I always make coffee and fix him a cup for the road

I always wish him well and safe travels...

I usually give a hug

But I don't always stop him and give him a parting kiss.

Hugs, yes..... but he deserves more.

We've been married a long time and have fallen into

Being used to one another

And that's okay

That's even good.

But we deserve more.

We deserve to live every day like a honeymoon.


I gave an extra

a kiss..

and think that's a habit I need to bring back into our lives...

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