Tuesday, May 5, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 5.... Encouragement...

I was leaving Walmart with a cart of stuff

and after I loaded my car

I went to put the cart back.

The open rack was full.

So I was going to put mine in the wrong side just to get it there and move on.

But the gentleman who arrived just after me...


looked at the carts and saw there was a jam

and started to straighten them out

My gift today is awareness and encouragement.

I didn't return to my car oblivious.

I helped him and thanked him for encouraging ME.

Is it a gift to the man?

Don't know.. I mean he did what he chose to do... so maybe.

But it was a gift to the cosmos.... and probably to the person who had to round up the carts later...

A small thing.... but we got them straight so the next person had a place for their cart..

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