Monday, May 4, 2015

One Sentence Journal Apr 27 - May 3

Mon Apr 27 -glad to be able to check back in at the quilt shop today - and spend time with my son.  Our weekly hour-long rides are good for chatting!  And... wonder of wonders... I found out of stock yarn at walmart that I was looking for AND a cherokee purple tomato... THE best for eating in my humble opinion :-)  Picked up basil and dill too so I should be good to go except for some random pepper plants and a pear cherry if I find it :-)  If I get ambitious, a couple more roma tomato plants would be good....  but I do have friends ready for me to pick their stuff this year so I should be overloaded as the summer progresses anyway.

Tue Apr 28 - HOME..... asthma kicking up with the sunshine and wind.... so I didn't push very hard today.  Yardwork needed to happen but not the best option for me!  I did work a little in the beds and got the plants I bought yesterday in the ground.  A little extra housework to keep chipping away at the clutter.... some cooking to work with using and preparing REAL food and some quilting.  A good day!

Wed Apr 29 - worked my last shift (for this period) at the library. And then home.  I am working hard - at least mentally :-) - on making sure I declutter one or two things daily.  I have a stash in my home and need to find an outlet for excess goods!  At least I have a place where the outgoing stuff lives..... and it cannot come back!   We burned a pile of brush tonight.. finally!  Between work, weather and wind, we have not been able to burn for a month or more... and we really need to do more clearing.

Thu Apr 30 - Home for the morning - bills and paperwork and a bit of quilting.  I really do need to share some of my projects here!  And then off to see my crafty friends.  I love those ladies so much - it's a bright light in my week when I can manage it.

Fri May 1 - a new month! And the launch of my 29 Gift program outlined in other posts...  Another rainy day - time to get some indoor chores out of the way so I can take a long walk tomorrow!

Sat May 2...  A sunny day.. perfect to tackle some of the garden work on my agenda.  But I didn't do near as much as I'd hoped... I kept getting tired.. dizzy when I stood up.. a little winded.  I think the pollen was getting to me!  But since I did get some weeding & planting done.. I am moving forward!  And a surprise date night made it all better :-) [and... a total surprise out of the blue.... him: are we doing anything next weekend?  me: I don't think so, why?  him: because if I have my dates right, it's mothers day and I thought we might go away for the weekend....  ]   wow.....

Sun May 3 ... My last day preparing children's church packets for my old church.  And now.. a new adventure while I begin hunting for a spiritual community.  I am so mixed about what I need - or have to give - a community.... this will take time but I am surprisingly okay with it.
    Spoke with my coach today and received encouragement enough to keep going for a bit!  One of the best things I ever did for myself is find someone to help me muddle my way through :-)

  AND... saw an eagle swoop down to the river for an afternoon snack.... oh my goodness.... how beautiful was that!

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