Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Goals Week 31 start May 11 - 17, 2015

Week 7

New Goals!
      Do a dvd ONE time...done.... ONE
      Do a mini-strength routine TWO times  Mon, Wed, Thu
      Meal composition: protein, fruit/veggie, optional carb
      Water!  4 bottles daily [plus whatever is used in smoothies, cooking, whatever]

Still not a habit:
      Record pedometer readings: Meet 6000 step average  [6129!  Done]
      Regular mealtimes: 3 mealtimes, 3 optional snacktimes.  No grazing

To continue to work on:
        Whole food prep
         Morning mile

Personal:  greeting cards [haven't done any cards - but AM getting in touch in person and scheduling lunches - so the end game is being met]
Business: clean desk area, catch up on bills, post more liturgy plans to newer website
     [some.. will get more done next week for end of month work]

Pedometer readings....  Last week's goal was to hit an average of 5620 and I blew it out of the park!  This week, I'll up the goal to 6000 (significantly lower than I reached last week, but higher than the week before... let's see what happens!)

pedo  5240 / 8379 / 5380 / 5240 / 6433 /8473 / 3760   avg = 6129

Meal comp - I want to keep an eye on this - It may be where the carb-loading happens

Can't say I've done well this week.  Walking was good - meals were random... water was better.  BUT... determination is creeping in.. I am just about ready to jump on board with Project Hawaii.  The projected trip is mid-July.... so I am stating here that I am starting a notebook to log my food [on paper, not here]... perhaps count calories... up the daily exercise by using dvds along with the pedometer - and really go for it.  I did lose a lot of weight several years ago and I remember feeling a lot better.

My energy is beginning to increase - I think because of the focus on whole foods ..  But I have definitely noticed things changing as the weight has come on.

I had lost down to 143... which is great but unnecessary.

Problems started coming back around 170...  general discomfort.  Asthmatic symptoms showed up around 175.... and lately.. more back pain and joint discomfort upon waking up in the morning.  So... the time has come.

20 pounds.

I'm almost there in my head....

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