Tuesday, May 26, 2015

29 Gifts..... Day 26.... Butting In

If you haven't figured out by now.....
I have grown into a person who pretty much backs off.

While I certainly have opinions...
strong ones...
you won't know what they are unless you ask.

And if you need help
you will probably have to ask.

Especially if you are a child of mine
and I have to dance between
being a helpful friend or an interfering or enabling parent.

At any rate, I have a situation where a child is in charge of something
and NOT asking for help

Probably because they are dancing between
asking a friend for help or running to mommy.

and my gift today

is butting in

and asking....
on helping.

It's a dance,
relationships are messy
and we are often out of sync

But sometimes the reaching out

feels RIGHT..

[and, of course, might be ALL WRONG... but therein lies the challenge and the absolute necessity of acting out of a GIVING space and not taking reactions personally]

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