Friday, May 29, 2015

29 Gifts.... Day 29... Staying out of the Way :-)

....  We are working on a house refinance and turned in all the paperwork right before we went on vacation.

My husband came back from vacation early because he had an agenda as long as his arm of things to do to the house before it was appraised...

And he did some of them.
But was looking for another week or so to finish.

The call came this morning

'Can I come today?'

Well... of course.... but we just got back from vacation so things are up in the air.

'No problem'

[not for the appraiser, that's for sure!  But it's a little disconcerting around here!]

I am leaving within the hour for one of my lunch dates referenced earlier in this series...

And my husband is running around like a maniac.

The best gift I can give him right now


Staying out of the way.

He needs to do whatever will make him okay with this process
which will happen while I am gone.

I could stay but that really wouldn't make things better

Strange that this is a gift... but my assuring him I will do whatever he likes
and standing back

is what he really needs right now.

I will bring wine when I come home tonight and we can swap stories.  Hmmm.. another gift, I think....

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