Monday, May 18, 2015

One Sentence Journal May 11-17, 2015

Mon May 11  Long day as Mondays generally are!  Headed out for a dental appointment... worked at the Busy Bea... picked up and visited with my grandgirl.... made that lunch appointment for later this month... picked up my CSA box.... and popped into the library.   Low step count.. but lots of miles covered!  And an evening together as we watched Dancing with the Stars....

Tue May 12.... home and chores!

Wed May 13... lunch with a great friend who was my pastor for several years.  He's moved to another church... but still my pastor in my heart.

Thu May 14... I got caught up with stuff at home and didn't get to my craft group today.... my phone stopped working and I totally lost track.  Kind of crazy day.. nothing quite went wrong... nothing quite went right... beautiful weather and a lackadaisical me

Fri May 15.. what a day!  Leaving for the beach tomorrow and yet a full day of traveling.  Lunch with my son on his campus - which was planned - and dinner with hub's relatives which wasn't.... and a ton of driving in between.  we were gone from 9am til 7pm....  the bonus was that we were together!  We do road trips well so that part was great!  Tomorrow will be rough though....

Sat May 16... I called it!  The hubs left for a car show a 6am and I putzed around trying to get myself packed and out the door.  I did.. but kind of wound my way around... heading from stop to stop because I couldn't quite wrap my head around doing the whole trip.  Silly, I know... weather was great and there was no reason why I wasn't absolutely on top of things.... BUT I wasn't and that is that.   Finished up the day with finishing a novel out on the deck... and then a Dr Who marathon working on a gift afghan...  and a surprise :-)  Evidently the car show wasn't all that great so my beloved left early and headed on down to the beach....

Sun May 17
  Life is so weird.... my poor husband is headed back home to rescue my son's girlfriend stranded with a broken down vehicle... had he left the truck at home, my son could have rescued her but he wanted to do a little work on it this week while we hung out.

We went to the First Flight Adventure Park this morning and I managed to do the same 2 levels I did in March.  Man, it's scary... but it does feel good to stare down your fear and rely on your intellect.  The park is open every day now so I will go again tomorrow and see if I can match that and do one more level...  SO GLAD I bought an off season pass in March!

My young adults at home had a car issue and were stranded and my husband went to their rescue.  So I am on my own tonight until tomorrow afternoon.  hmm.....

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