Thursday, May 14, 2015

29 Gifts..... Day 14 Intentional Giving

Mothers Day was this past weekend....

And it is usually a difficult day for me..

Not this year :-)

BUT that is not the purpose for this entry....

Today I wanted to share about intentional giving in a specific sense...  I have several people I gift regularly... (like my kids!)

But on gift days, I tend to give multiples.....

for example,

I usually give my girls Mothers Day gifts...  but I give all three of them the same thing...  I have given gift cards, lunch bags, flowers.... and I try to add notes to tell them how proud I am of them.

But this year....

I went separate.

To my eldest, very pregnant stay-at-home mom daughter who will be in a wedding this weekend.... a gift certificate for a pedicure at the spa she directed me to.

To my middle single mom daughter.... a new exercise dvd that she wanted and some money for her 5 year old daughter to treat her with :-)

And to my youngest just-moved mom daughter.... her favorite flowering shrub specially grown for her neighborhood.. ready to plant and bloom later this summer.

A little more work.....

A lot more fun in the giving....

And totally a great project!

Now - don't get me wrong.... I am still in favor of multiple gifts when it simplifies my life.  I'm just grateful for the focus on giving right now because it really helps me take the time to SLOW DOWN

and ENRICH my life :-)

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