Saturday, May 2, 2015

29 Gifts - Day 2.. Information

Day Two - sharing information.

       A friend was looking for people for a vendor craft fair for an organization she is involved with.  Ordinarily I would respond for myself and stop there.

I can't do it myself this time due to prior commitments - but did spend a little time looking for other friends who might be interested in participating.

I lined up one vendor and personally sent the info to a few others....  I made it a focus for the day.

  (which led to a conversation with the first friend that I don't see enough of, and personal contact/ conversations with some others)

This doesn't sound like much, I know... but I don't want to undervalue the time spent stepping out of your normal path to expend a little extra effort on behalf of a friend.

That in itself is in fact an official GIFT.

hmmmm....... what's next?

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